Friday, November 14, 2008

Tough Week for the Home Team

This week has not been a good one.

Most of my troubles are at the office. I am not dissatisfied with my job or anything like that. I have just been humbled in a big way. It took a phase of my career that was quite exciting, and made it bitter sweet.

I have always taken pride in being one that is well organized, has it all in order and does not let things fall through the cracks.

Well, I just went through a stretch where I had 4 major projects cooking at once. And all of them required a different set of skills. it was great because of the of the success I had completing them. However, something was lurking underneath that destroyed all of that. You see, I also was responsible for keeping up with my original "real job". That is where the problem started.

I had allowed my inbox to go to heck among other things. Weekly reviews became more and more infrequent because of all the time I dedicated to these projects. I had let several things get away from me. Fortunately, those who are concerned about it are trying to help me rather than beat me. Yes, there are threats and ultimatums involved. None that I can't deal with. But it is still demoralizing.

The productivity guru has fallen...hard.

So...I will say it here first...My name is Jason Echols...and I am off the wagon.

So this weekend, I take inventory. And crawl back on. There are lessons to be learned from this...and that is what I intend to seize hold of first.

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Brad said...

I'll be rooting for ya, man. Just holler if you need anything.